September Update

It's been a busy few weeks. After an all too brief holiday, it was straight back into the thick of things - never a dull moment for me.

A major client has had a bit of a shake up and are now switching to an Agile development methodology - it's very interesting to watch how things are changing. I been working with them for a while now and they've gone from a small start up trying lots of different ways of getting traction into an already crowded market, trying to find their niche. They refocused their technology about a year ago and have now realised they need to adjust the way they work to suit that new direction. One of the best moves they've made is to start considering usability earlier in the development cycle - it's going to make a huge difference to their apps, and will certainly give me more satisfaction that I'm building something useful for their users.

On the server-side, I've got several new sites in the planning stages at the moment. All using the php-based Drupal CMS. To make the set up and maintenance easier I've been configuring one of's servers with a multisite drupal install that allows those other sites to co-exist with each other and for drupal to sit happily alongside their existing content. One of the biggest issues for my smaller clients is the ongoing cost of staying on top of security issues and ensuring that technology behind their site is as future compatible as possible. Choosing the right base is important for that, as is putting the time in and getting the architecture set up correctly - so that's what I've been doing.