A weekend in the Lakes

Another weekend ticks past, another weekend driving a long way to do something fun. I'm bored of the driving, but not of the exploring. This weekend Sharon took her Mum to the Woolfest in Cockermouth. I was planning to go biking to Whinlatter near by, but the weather wasn't great for that, so I went to learn lots about wool. And learn I did: I think I've worked out how to assemble and use the spinning wheel we've been donated, I discovered that wool can be used for bedding and cushions & how to properly card a fleece prior to spinning. We've picked up a second fleece (to go with the one we got from Swaledale a couple of years back) and now have the tools to card and spin it into wool, so we'll have to see how that goes.

Then we walked around Cockermouth. The National Trust's display at Wordworth House poignantly showed the scaled of the devastation caused by last year's flooding, but it great to see how the area had been rebuilt: you could wander down the high street and unless you noticed the head height water level markers, you wouldn't have known. I recently completed my Water Rescue First Responder training with ALSAR (with thanks to DEFRA) and am now on a national register & able to respond to floods, so was able to look at it from that point of view and it really hammered home the effects flooding can have.

Today we had a few hours to spare before having to drive back home, so we decided to see if we could climb a peak we were driving past. We opted for Skiddaw & chose a suitably optimistic route for our time available (it was the shortest route, which is just another way of saying steepest!) . The cloud was low, there was a gale on the summit and we had a dog in tow, but we managed to bag another Wainwright and made it to the summit and back ahead of Naismith - which is always satisfying. A great day's walking.

Skiddaw Summit
Sharon on the Summit