Windows Media Streaming Widget

An interesting project I've had recently has been to create a 'widget' for playing audio streams.

The biggest challenge has been getting the stream to play in the widest number of browsers possible - the client's user base called for support in IE6, 7 (and 8 for good measure), Firefox and Chrome in Windows along with Safari and Firefox on the Mac.

The streams are in WMV format, meaning that for once the browser that caused least problems was Internet Explorer - it supports WMV out of the box, as does Chrome. Firefox on Windows needs the Windows Media plugin, and anything on the Mac needs both the Quicktime browser plugin and Flip4Mac to enable Quicktime to support WMV.

Extending jQuery to create a detection script that loads the objects and inserts the correct elements into the DOM was fairly straight forward.

To provide feedback to the user, I then had to create a listener to poll the plugin's status. Of course, the client wanted the status updates animated. jQuery to the rescue again.

It's all come together very well, I think: it's currently with the client's QA team, but I'll include a link once it's live.

These two resources made the final part possible, but don't seem to be linked from many places:
Windows Media Player Status
Quicktime Javascript Info