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OxSAR Water Safety Training

Yesterday evening I ran another training session for OxSAR. This time I tried to combine what was previously two different training sessions into one.

ALSAR have two water safety standards:

jQuery Uk Conference

On Friday, White October hosted the first European jQuery conference, and I managed to convince my employer to buy me a ticket.

My First Alfresco DevCon

Here's something I wrote last Friday:

I'm back at my desk after a busy and tiring, but immensely fun and rewarding, Alfresco DevCon. It's my first Developer Conference and one of the first things I noticed was the incredible amount of appreciation for the Alfresco Engineers: people genuinely love the product and platform we've built, they've built careers on our code, they're excited by the ideas we have for the future and our opinions on their implementations. That's both encouraging and humbling.

Olympic Whitewater Course

Something strange happened a few weeks ago: I got back in a playboat in a concrete river and had fun. I'm classing it as training for the 'proper' (river) paddling I'm hoping to do this season, but secretly: a part of me enjoyed waiting in a queue of boats in order to get on to a wave or into a hole to get thrown around by the force of the water, trying to convince it that I was worthy of an 'established' front surf or split wheel.

Richmond Park Deer Rut

Heading to London pre-dawn on a Saturday morning may not be at the top of everyone's todo list, but watching - and hearing - this country's largest mammal strutting its stuff in its annual autumnal ritual should be.

Water Awareness for Rescue Professionals

I've been meaning to put these slide up since I ran the training for OxSAR back in the spring.

Brownsea Island and Dunstable Downs

Last weekend continued the theme of recent trips: visiting new places in England; I often think our home country is overlooked and endeavour not to do so myself. For years Sharon has been trying to get us to go down to Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour and this autumn we found a free day, got up early and made the first ferry to the tiny island.

IE Function label bug

I've spent the best part of two days this week tracing and solving a bug raised against the Alfresco Share implementation of FullCalendar that I recently did. The error thrown up is: Object doesn't support this property or method. I've not found anything in Google about this, hence this post.

Alfresco Blogging

So - I'm now blogging as part of my work, my first Alfresco blog went up at the start of this week. If/when I do anything interesting. It's good to get feedback from the community - that's one of the things I like about working for an Open Source software company - so I've got a couple more lined up when I get chance to write them, so watch this space...